The Alaska Department of Fish & Game, including federal agencies and nongovernmental organizations, operate weirs, towers, and sonar units on a multitude of waters around the state to count salmon and other migrating species. The inseason and historical data collected from these enumerations are frequently used for a variety of department management objectives but are just as valuable to anglers in determining how their local fisheries are progressing through the season in order to more efficiently target certain species.

Below is a listing of main areas and the roadside waters that currently have fish enumeration projects set up. Click on drainage and species of interest highlighted in blue to directly link with ADF&G’s official website for daily and seasonal counts.


Kenai Peninsula

Anchor River King Salmon

Anchor River Silver Salmon

Anchor River Steelhead Trout

Bear Lake Red Salmon

Bear Lake Silver Salmon

Crooked Creek King Salmon

Deep Creek King Salmon

Hidden Lake Red Salmon

Kasilof River Red Salmon

Kenai River Early Run King Salmon

Kenai River Late Run King Salmon

Kenai River Late Run Red Salmon

Ninilchik River King Salmon

Russian River King Salmon

Russian River Early Run Red Salmon

Russian River Late Run Red Salmon

Russian River Silver Salmon


Matanuska Valley

Fish Creek King Salmon

Fish Creek Red Salmon

Fish Creek Chum Salmon

Fish Creek Silver Salmon

Jim Creek Red Salmon

Jim Creek Silver Salmon

Little Susitna River King Salmon

Little Susitna River Red Salmon

Little Susitna River Pink Salmon

Little Susitna River Chum Salmon

Little Susitna River Silver Salmon


Copper Valley

Copper River (Miles Lake) Red Salmon

Gulkana River King Salmon

Gulkana River Red Salmon


Tanana Valley

Chena River King Salmon

Chena River Chum Salmon

Salcha River King Salmon

Salcha River Chum Salmon