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Category Descriptions


Member Forum

This is the angling community portion of the website that is open to all members. Topics of discussion are divided into a few basic categories depending on water and type of fishing, including freshwater, saltwater, and fly-fishing. In addition, there are categories for talks regarding regulations pertaining to our fisheries and a “rave and rant” area aptly named The Combat Zone. Non-registered users may read available information but to post questions or comments and share experiences, registration is necessary.


Fishing Reports

This is one of the most valuable sections of as it provides critical input on current status of our road-accessible fisheries, even emergency orders. Like the Member Forum, several categories are presented that will be of great importance to anglers seeking information to help them decide where and when to go and for what. These include a place for registered members to share and comment on their results of recent fishing trips, seasonal weekly reports provided by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, and site-exclusive data and information found through Streamside Spot Checks and Hot Spots of the Week.

Although all categories are open to the general public, only registered members may post information.


Photo Contest

Open to all registered and enrolled members, entrants can send in their favorite images of fish caught or simply a picturesque ocean, stream, or lake setting. All images submitted will be featured in the Gallery section and, upon approval, may be used in future editions of various Alaska fishing publications and rewarded with a free copy of The Roadside Angler’s Guide.

Drawing will also be held for a valuable prize, such as a halibut charter or lodge stay, and all entrants qualify.


Book Discount

All visitors, registered, and enrolled members can purchase copies of The Roadside Angler’s Guide at discount prices depending on membership level. Lifetime members receive a free current copy of the guidebook upon time of enrollment, available in soft-cover or downloadable eBook format.


Product Discounts

In addition to The Roadside Angler’s Guide, this site features other book titles and products such as area full-color fishing maps and apparel merchandise, including detailed river maps showing access roads and trails and available facilities, color species charts, and exclusive design Roadside Angler T-shirts and sweatshirts.

Depending on membership level, discounts are available ranging from 15% to 40%.


Fishing Derbies

Annual competitions will be held for several categories, including freshwater, saltwater, spin-casting, fly-fishing, surf-casting, canoe/kayak, and more. Entrants have the opportunity to win multiple prizes, ranging from Roadside Angler’s Guide products, ocean charters, and fly-in trips to lodging, cabin stays, and float trips.

For details on qualifying waters and rules of participation, please visit this section. Note: All entrants must be enrolled as Premium or Lifetime members.


Fish Alerts

This exclusive area entails Premium and Lifetime members receiving automatic Twitter notices of a change of status in roadside fisheries and emergency orders, an extremely valuable e-tool for those wanting up-to-the-minute information based on “boots in the water” observations of agents and contacts, as well as state biologists.


Fishing Blog

Paying members have access to this comprehensive area that offers periodic updates, discussions, and detailed information on a particular topic. It can include most anything that has to do with roadside fishing and presented in an open and direct format that anglers may find highly valuable and entertaining, providing personal and professional insights to our fisheries and its resources.


Travel Planner

This is a section which is invaluable to those visiting Alaska for the first time or if relatively inexperienced with the state’s roadside fisheries. It gives a detailed synopsis of issues regarding species available during the season and timing, the latest information on license fees, state and federal camping, cabin, and access trails, and expected seasonal water and weather conditions of various areas of the state. Also lists the current costs of hiring fishing guides and charters as well as various levels of lodging, including hotels and motels.

Available to Premium and Lifetime members for free or can be purchased separately on this site for a small fee.